Thursday, May 31, 2007


Hi! My favorite creation of the week so far, is this Mookaite necklace. I handwrapped various shades of this stone together with sterling silver wire and added a Mookaite carved petal pendant to finish it off. I got Amelia's opinion on this one. I asked her if I should leave it bright sterling or oxidize it. She suggested oxidation. I did it and she was right!

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msbelle said...

This is really nice. She was right. The colors stand out with the oxidized silver. :)
Just curious if you use boiled eggs or LOS? I've only used boiled eggs really so far but I have some LOS. I used it once with good results but couldn't stand the smell and I don't have a mask. I'm a little hesitant to use it having my son in the house and he's always following me outside if I go out to take pics of jewelry and he fondles the beads, etc. I'm concerned about he fumes. I'm also wondering if LOS is safe for pearls. Do you have any advice? I know you oxidize your jewelry a lot and also have a child. I would appreciate any info you could share. I like the look of oxidized silver but....