Thursday, March 20, 2008

The poll is closed and 'No, I don't like sets' came out ahead. Very interesting! Earring and bracelet sets came in 2nd. Thanks for participating!!

Friday Special and Good News!

Before mentioning today's special, I want to tell you about a great way to get FREE jewelry! You can host a Virtual Internet Jewelry Show! It's virtual which means no cleaning the house and no food prep! Just some emails and you get to shop for your free jewelry. The way it works is pretty simple, you supply me with email addresses of your friends and family, I email the invitation and on the day of your show, you will get 10% of your sales in free jewelry of your choice. That's it! If you're interested, please contact me at and I'll give you the rest of the details. I've had a number of these and the benefits have gone up to over $100 in jewelry for the hostess. Hope to hear from you to pick a date!

Onto the special.... today, you can have 10% off of any bracelet in the store, plus free shipping on that bracelet. Take a look at the bracelet collection here --->

Thanks and have a fun weekend!

Spring Break!

My daughter's spring break officially began today. While I'll still be working, it will be a lot less while she's home. I will be working on new designs here and there so keep checking in this week and next! I'll be taking a blog break too. I'll post tomorrow's special but that will be it until she returns to school. I'll miss blogging but it takes a lot of time. I'll leave you with a picture that I took last spring. This is life in Chardon OH. :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Fashion Tip Tuesday

Today's tip - Pile on the necklaces! It's like layering your shirts. Why wear one when two look great ;)

An example would be this antiqued copper choker paired up with.........

this brass and lampwork necklace!

Absence of Color

Yes, this weekend I wrapped and wrapped and wrapped. I was in the mood for wrapping and for white. This is the absence of color group. There are 3 necklaces pictured. The long one is wrapped in the photo. Each will be listed in my store today. :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Special (and I got a surprise!)

Maybe this one?

Today's Friday special is..... (drumroll please)....... 15% off of any necklace in the store! Woohoo! (just wait for a revised invoice from me prior to making payment)

The surprise that I received was from Etsy Labs! I was really excited opening the box. The box was decorated and inside was a thank you note from Etsy, a tote bag with pins, an accordian book, lip balm, an Etsy mustache (I don't think I've ever typed the word mustache before this), screenprinted gift wrap and 2 bumper stickers! What a nice surprise! Thank you Etsy Labs!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rings Available

New rings... new rings... new rings!!! My goal is to find unique fun items to attach to these novelty rings. I stopped selling the flower rings since Etsy became saturated with people doing the same thing. I like to stay unique! :) Here are some rings for ya'

And My Hands Don't Even Hurt!

Which is amazing to me! I'm 1 sale away from 2500 sales on Etsy. I was thinking about this and realized... Wow! I've made a lot of jewelry! To think that I made well over 2500 pieces just blows my mind. You would think that I'd be tired of it or at least that my hands would ache. I am nowhere near tired of it! In fact, I live, breathe and eat making more ;) When I worked for Progressive Insurance, my hands ached every day from carpal tunnel and I was sure that this would catch up to me when I left the company and started creating jewelry full time. It hasn't and I am so grateful!

Anyway... just wanted to share my excitement especially since this would not even be a though if it wasn't for all of you.

Thank you from the bottom (and top!) of my heart! :)


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Poll Results Are In!

Earrings won! Rings were next and the others, wire wrapped necklaces, seed bead necklace and brass aren't even worth mentioning.

Thanks for participating! I better get to work on some earrings ;) New poll over there ---->

Wise Up Wednesday - From Vintage to Now and Everywhere in Between

Yes, I am having fun with the days of the week. I'm giddy! Spring is almost here. Granted we, that is the Chardonites, received a gift of 18 inches of snow this past weekend, (Yes... that is 18 and not a typo) but I heard birds! Lots of birds. That makes me giddy :)
Now that you know why I'm giddy, therefore having fun with the days of the week... what's Wise Up Wednesday you ask? I'm going to tell you something about myself every Wednesday (or at least every Wed. until I run out of things to tell you!). That would be myself as a jewelry designer.

The first Wise up is......

Why is my Etsy store tagline 'What are you in the mood for today?... tweet, tweet'? Well first I'll tell you that the 'tweet, tweet' isn't usually there, that's there due to my giddyness over the birds of spring arriving. The other part, my main tagline is really a deep question, isn't it? It stems from my inability to fully commit to one style. I LOVE it all. If I'm in the mood to be preppy, I'll dress in my short sleeve oxford and capri jeans. If I'm in the mood to be shabby chic, I'll throw on some old, old jeans and a soft pink top with polka dots! and so on and so on and so on. You would think my closet was owned by 8 different women!

So... this question 'What are you in the mood for today...?' is what I ask myself everytime I look at my beautiful beads. You've probably noticed the diversity in my store and now you know why! Even if you didn't really want to know ;)

Tell me something about you so I can wise up too!


Monday, March 10, 2008

South Street's Fashion Tips on Tuesdays - 1

Fashion Tip: Buy your outfit to go with your jewelry! ;) I think this outfit would look great with my Graduated Orange Turquoise Necklace. I found these stones and HAD to have them. Half the fun of designing jewelry is finding the perfect stones.

Outfit is from Anthropologie. I had some brighter shoes in mind but since I don't wear leather shoes.. these will do. I was thinking green!

<---- This top to go with the necklace:

These jeans to go with the top that goes with the necklace: ---->

<----These shoes to go with the jeans that goes with the top that goes with the necklace:

Oh... don't forget the bracelet and earrings! :)

Perfect! :)

And the winner is....

LindaSS! You've won the March blog giveaway! I'll be contacting you soon! Congrats!

Monday's Featured Etsy Seller

Today's featured seller is another customer of mine and I wanted to share her beautiful work with you. You've got to see her Etsy store! It's beautiful in every way. This is Melissa's store here and her blog here

How cute are these retro mini chairs??! Love them!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

ooooh Denise... you're good

Look what Denise Lombardozzi did with my green jade necklace image! Isn't it gorgeous! She posted it in her blog today. :)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Special

I'm sorry this is so late! Here's the Friday special... If you purchase the earrings above and the matching bracelet below you will get 20% off your total. A savings of $11.40 (if my math is right)! I'm extending this sale through tomorrow since I'm so late with this post. Cool!

Have a fun weekend. I can hardly believe another week has flown by!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Brass Owls

Aren't these cute!!? Very lightweight brass owls in the perched position dangle beneath czech glass in off-white, bright aqua blue and wasabi green. If you give a hoot... check them out in my Etsy shop! ;)

Have a beautiful day!


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Feeling Pink

Yes, I felt like pink. Check these out in my Etsy store by clicking on my Etsy Store link over there to the right :)

There is a blog giveaway going on too. To enter page down to Monday's blog.

Check out the poll over to your right. It would be great to get your input!

Have a pink day!

Monday, March 3, 2008

March Blog Giveaway!

Here's the prize!

These are black onyx and turquoise stones attached to sterling silver earwires.

To enter, please leave a comment in this blog entry. I'll run a random number generator to choose the winner. The giveaway runs from today through Friday. I'll post the winners name in my blog on MOnday so please be sure to check back :)

Thanks for your support!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

See My Poll?

It's over there to your right ---->

If you could take a moment to click on your preference I would appreciate it tons! Thanks!

Check back on Monday for the blog giveaway! I'll be sending the monthly email with some news too.

In the meantime have a great weekend!