Thursday, June 21, 2007

What a Rush! Uh-Oh!

The past few days on Etsy have been incredible for me! I am so excited about my sales and my new customers. They are all amazing! I'm working like crazy packaging, resizing and working on some local customer orders. The uh-oh is due to the fact that my entire work area is torn apart and in the renovation process. It's interesting trying to find a spot that hasn't been invaded by beads in the house to work at! haha It's all good though. I love a good challenge and the added sales over the past week are very motivating! I've got to get my work area finished! I'm actually buying drywall tomorrow. I've never done drywall before. This will be very interesting!

1 comment:

msbelle said...

I'm sure it's very motivating to continue to succeed and watch your business grow. I hope it does 1000 more in half the time it took to get this far.

Drywall. Can't help you there! :)