Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Mom Is So Talented!

Take a look at one of my mom's scrapbook pages. She has some serious talent! She was recently hired on two design teams! I'm so proud of her ;) She scrapped some pictures of the snow in her backyard. The little building that you see is a playhouse for her grandkids. Her and Grandpa had it built for the girls. It is really cute. The snow was so deep. Look how high it it on the fence! That's a standard fence! Wow. The dogs are Luke, Jake and Tucker playing in the snow. They play just like little children. You should see them in the baby pool!

Take a look at her blog. It's always entertaining and pretty!


Lisa said...

Your mom does do beautiful work. I am so lucky that I get the privilege of attending her classes!!!

msbelle said...

Cool work! She really is talented! Now we know where you get it from!

I haven't seen snow like that in years. We only get slush....