Thursday, March 12, 2009

What are the odds...

I think the last time that I won something prior to the past two weeks, was back when I was in high school and won a Led Zeppelin mirror at the church festival! (did I just totally date myself? oh well...) I won another blog prize! I am so excited and grateful! Look at this beautiful little fragrance pillow! You can find Dream Acres', the artist behind the pillow, Etsy shop here . This is her blog . This is what I wrote in the contest (oh the rules were to write the first thing that popped into your head when you think of Mom (or Mum)) :

I think of laughter. Her and I giggle like silly girls almost every time we talk. We just get each other's humor. I always tell her that she makes me feel like a comedian and that I may quit my day job if she's not careful. We still crack up when we think of the time that my grandmother, her mom, went to the store with a dryer sheet and a pair of panties stuck to the outside of her velour pants. hahaha On a serious note, your work is beautiful! So glad I found it :)

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