Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Floating Down the River

Amelia, Sydney and Phil (I was in front... the navigator)

Waiting for the bus

705 lbs.


Getting shot at!

What could be better than a canoe trip on Labor Day? I say nothing :) That's what my family and my friends did this past Monday. It was a nice day... the rain missed us. Of course we saw turtles sunning themselves on the logs... a few lilys and just the beauty of the trees and river. It was relaxing and rejuvinating.

We went to the Camp Hi Canoe Livery in Hiram OH. We've been going there for years, but it was Amelia's first time.

Oh and almost forgot to mention this! We docked at a clearing along the river. Before kids this is the place that we used to dock to eat and drink... we walked up to a clearing and saw a farm. It was very picturesque... you can see it in the background in the close-up of Phil. This is where the farmer yelled at us to get off of his property and fired a shotgun up into the air!! wow... now I can say I've been shot at! haha