Thursday, February 21, 2008

Not My Normal Way Of Doing Things!

I've noticed, ever since I started selling on Etsy in 5/06, that I get in these mood waves (hence my 'what are you in the mood for today' line in my shop) when creating. I'll feel like necklaces with pendants so you'll see a wave of those. Maybe I feel like wire wrapping... next would come that wave. These past few weeks have been different. I noticed the amount of supplies that I have when cleaning out and organizing my new work area. I have things that I purchased back when I first started! My first thought was to sell some of it in my Surplus shop on Etsy, but then I felt up to the challenge of actually using it.

That's when I decided to go on a supply buying freeze. I haven't bought anything since 2/9. Just so you realize this is very abnormal for me. Since I quit my job in the IT world, I had to give up shopping for any extras (clothes, shoes, home decorations, etc...) that was hard, but at least I could still "shop" for my supplies. It satisfied me. It made it much easier to give up the other things. I know I'm starting to sound pathetic, but not buying ANYTHING since 2/9 has been hard and getting harder!! I'm going to at least go throught the end of the month though.
In the meantime, you may notice a wide variety of items in my store. This will continue as I work through my supplies trying to create unique items with all of it. The wave has changed so you'll see wire wrapping, earrings, brass, pearl, bright silver, dark silver and more listed over the past few weeks. Many are one of a kind since I won't restock once it's gone.
That's all. Just felt like I owed you and explanation! :)

Have a great day out there!

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