Monday, February 11, 2008

Studio Progress!

The shelves are up! Yeah! They turned out just how I'd hoped they would. Other than that, progress is slow. Finances... you know! :) Next will be painting some of the great furniture that I have. My mom gave me a credenza that belonged to my Great Grandfather. She also gave me a cute table that will be my photo table. The desk that I found was only $25! It has glass nobs too. It needs some work, but with some love, will be perfect.

See the shelves in the background?


LindaB said...

Looks wonderful so far! Love how you take your photo's!!!

Julie said...

Thanks Lindab at


msbelle said...

Wonderful shelves!!! I would love to have a new desk. I'm going to have to do some yard sales to see what I can find!