Thursday, May 8, 2008

Friday Special

Bonjour little Friday. You are so reliable! You always follow Thursday... you always bring hope of good days to come... you are such a noble leader for that silly Saturday who always follows you.

OK... it's late, I'm tired and feeling a little goofy so I thought I'd sit down and prepare the Friday special for you!
Free earrings with this necklace! I'll throw in a pair of Swarovski glass pearl earrings in white, on oxidized sterling silver earwires with the purchase of the necklace shown. You can have 8mm up to 12mm pearls... just say the word and they are yours.

Have a great day... please!


lisa said...
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lisa said...

hi Julie! I love your shop and am always poking around to see what loveliness you are creating! Congrats on the Storque article....