Monday, May 19, 2008

This Weekend's Creation

Hi! I made something completely new and different from anything that I've made before. I had great fun experimenting and have tons of ideas lurking in my head for more of these. This is my first.
I made this on a wooden bangle, cut strips of paper, used Mod Podge... lots of Mod Podge, painted the inside and did a bit of sanding. It was fun! I hope to create more and put them in my store soon.

Waddya think?


Lorelei said...

SOOO COOL! LOVE IT! I have some awesome Amy Butler scrapbook paper that would look sooo excellent on a bangle! Hmmmmm....
I just don't know if I'm as motivated to make one of these!

sf said...

I think it's fabulous, darling!