Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Little Girl Doesn't Seem So Little Anymore!

It was with mixed emotions that I walked Amelia to school for the first day of 2nd grade.
I am so proud of the person that God has made her... she's compassionate, smart, funny and very inquisitive just to name a few :) I have had so much fun with her this summer that it was hard to let her go! I realized that she's still only 7 years old... that seems so little. Then I thought about her going through all of the years of school up to 18 years old and that still seems so little to me! (maybe it's because I'm old... but still!) I was looking forward to getting home and starting my first official work day since summer began, but sad to see her go.

She was fine with it as you can tell my her smile in the photo!

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Lisa said...

It all happens so fast, doesn't it?! Sean even commented that he couldn't believe that he was in second grade already.