Monday, October 27, 2008

dream... imagine... fly


1) to form a mental image of (something not actually present to the senses).

2) to suppose; think; conjecture.

I've always loved the word IMAGINE. It's a simple word that I think looks pretty and holds so much meaning. It's the word that I use when I look at my beads. It's the word that I've always stated over and over to my daughter, Amelia, when she is looking at something to either figure it out or just contemplating over something. I actually hung the word in her baby room to engrain it into her. It's so important to use and to have.

Since I am not a graphic designer, I've struggled with branding my store on Etsy. I've imagined what I'd like, but never quite got there in my head. Then, it happened. I found SeaDreamStudio on Etsy and started browsing the designs in the store. There it was!! Exactly what I wanted! Not only is my favorite word in it, the image of the girl flying away on the bird just floored me. I had to have it and now it is mine. Thank you Dale!

Please take a look at my new banner and expect the image to appear all over my things soon!

I'm a happy girl today, flying on the little bird who will take me to places that I've dreamed of deep in my imagination :)


Lisa said...

LOVE the new banner!

Puffluna... said...

Thank you for leaving a comment Lisa! :)

Sea Dream Studio said...

I am delighted that you llike your banner! Thanks for the kind words!