Friday, November 21, 2008

Whoops! I Forgot!

I forgot to do the Friday special! Things have been pretty hectic here the past week. My basement flooded... the ceiling in the bathroom literally fell down, Amelia had 2 school projects, I had an errr, 3 day disagreement with the bank, it snowed 10 feet (well, maybe not 10)... this by no means is me complaining! It's just been hectic. One of those weeks that you thank God that you have a basement to flood, a ceiling over your head to come crashing down, a beautiful child an A+ school right down the street a bank to argue with :) and the beauty of freshly fallen snow. Anyway... I blame this on the reason I forgot to post the special today.

Due to my oversight, the special will go all weekend... good through Sunday at 11:59PM you can have free shipping on anything in my store! yay :)

I'll either refund your shipping or send you a revised invoice. Whichever you would prefer. Just mention the blog sale in the comments during checkout and the shipping is on me.

Have a great weekend!



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