Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Feeling Pink

Yes, I felt like pink. Check these out in my Etsy store by clicking on my Etsy Store link over there to the right :)

There is a blog giveaway going on too. To enter page down to Monday's blog.

Check out the poll over to your right. It would be great to get your input!

Have a pink day!


Lisa said...

I LOVE both the necklace and the bracelet!

msbelle said...

Love, love, love pink! And all your pinks are so pretty!!

It was really so weird that I was *just* thinking about you when I got the notification in my email that you had commented on my blog! (Twilight Zone music plays in the background....) =)

hjlpucella said...

You are making it hard for me to not buy anymore pink jewelry. Very nice!