Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wise Up Wednesday - From Vintage to Now and Everywhere in Between

Yes, I am having fun with the days of the week. I'm giddy! Spring is almost here. Granted we, that is the Chardonites, received a gift of 18 inches of snow this past weekend, (Yes... that is 18 and not a typo) but I heard birds! Lots of birds. That makes me giddy :)
Now that you know why I'm giddy, therefore having fun with the days of the week... what's Wise Up Wednesday you ask? I'm going to tell you something about myself every Wednesday (or at least every Wed. until I run out of things to tell you!). That would be myself as a jewelry designer.

The first Wise up is......

Why is my Etsy store tagline 'What are you in the mood for today?... tweet, tweet'? Well first I'll tell you that the 'tweet, tweet' isn't usually there, that's there due to my giddyness over the birds of spring arriving. The other part, my main tagline is really a deep question, isn't it? It stems from my inability to fully commit to one style. I LOVE it all. If I'm in the mood to be preppy, I'll dress in my short sleeve oxford and capri jeans. If I'm in the mood to be shabby chic, I'll throw on some old, old jeans and a soft pink top with polka dots! and so on and so on and so on. You would think my closet was owned by 8 different women!

So... this question 'What are you in the mood for today...?' is what I ask myself everytime I look at my beautiful beads. You've probably noticed the diversity in my store and now you know why! Even if you didn't really want to know ;)

Tell me something about you so I can wise up too!


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