Sunday, January 11, 2009

This weeks goals (and a little inspiration)...

First, I was completely inspired and awed by the amazing view tonight. I looked outside and saw sparkles! Sparkles everywhere! I had to go outside to take a closer look. The moon was full and white, right behind my Black Walnut tree. This caused the shadow of the tree to form perfectly on the untouched snow which was so sparkly I could hardly take it! I was standing outside with my jaw dropped in complete awe of the beauty (then I realized that I was FREEZING and should probably close my mouth and go back inside). I would have taken a photo, but it would not have shown the beauty that I saw with my own eyes.

puffluna's goals for the week ahead:
1) make something sparkly white and dark based on the sparkly inspiration that I got tonight
2) revamp some of my photos (taking all new photos)
3) contact a local store owner to ask her if she would allow me the opportunity to sell some of my jewelry in her store
4) call a local school about an advertising opportunity
5) fill all orders
6) create new pieces
7) continue to organize work area (paint shelves)

Julie's goals for the week ahead:
1) eat healthier (I bought bananas!)
2) sleep more
3) spend more time with Amelia
4) spend more time with my pets
5) spend more time with God
6) choose happiness!

ok... that's a lot to accomplish, but I have a whole week to do it!

good night!


Jill said...

Great goals Julie!

Puffluna... said...

Thanks Jill! (I failed on the going to bed goal last night... I'll try harder tonight!) :)