Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm not a snob!

I'm really not a snob, but what I'm about to say, may sound a bit snobbish so please forgive me :)

I realized that even now, now when I truly haven't shopped in years, I still can't stand the thought of wearing something and seeing someone else wearing the same thing (it happened recently...yuck!). I know ...SNOB! I just like to be unique and I feel well... not unique when I'm standing in a room with someone else and we look the same. My point you ask? My point is I LOVE ETSY! I haven't been able to buy many things for myself, but there is a list a mile... no, two miles long of things that I want. The few things that I do have (thank you Jean and Lisa (mmm coffee) for two of them!) I cherish. I really like when people ask me where I got my purse and I can tell them all about Etsy. It's a great feeling on many levels.

So here's to all of the hard working artists on Etsy making the world a more unique place! Thank you! :)

Shop ETSY!

(and yes... this is what I'm thinking about at 11PM at night... deep huh?)


Megan Chapman said...

Great post!
I also love to tell people to shop at Etsy. This post reminded me to visit your shop and then I found your amazing sale section!!! I can't wait to get my 2 new pairs of earrings and ring from you! And of course then tell people all about etsy and your shop!

Keep up the great work.

Michelle Brunner said...

Here's to Etsy! I just love it also and have gotten a couple of friends hooked on to it! I am with you, I love having something unique that no one else has..I don't think it's snobby:)

Puffluna... said...

You're right Michelle! It's not snobby! I've been really thinking about this and I've come to agree with you. Thanks for the comment. :)