Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Life is a Bowlful of Cherries!

I added three Cherry Quartz pieces to my site yesterday!

It's 3 degrees here in Chardon, OH. We're cold and huddling around the radiators! Brrrrr!

It's funny... last year I couldn't play in the snow with Amelia since I didn't have the right gear. My mom gave me some snow gear for my birthday this year, so now I have no excuses. Not having gear was a great excuse! I'm not much of a play in the snow kind of person since I would rather be inside under a warm blanket, but this year, I've played. I have to admit it's fun... to a point. 5 minutes is enough for me. My excuse today and for the next few days is "sorry, it's too cold outside" :) phew!

Stay warm everyone!

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Lisa said...

I LOVE the bracelet!!!