Friday, August 28, 2009

Bandit - My Love

Bandit - 1994 - 2009

My beloved friend passed away today.... here's a letter that my mom wrote to me

Dear Julie, Phil and Amelia-

My heart is sadden with the passing of our special friend Bandit. I remember him as a springy little young guy running like a gazelle around my front yard. Running as fast as he could, jumping as high as he could, running, running, running - jumping over our beloved Shadow - so high it looked like Bandit was flying. We would laugh so hard. The more we laughed the more he would fly through the air.

I remember how he loved Tucker. You would ask Bandit do you want to go to see Tucker - he was off and running to the car. And making happy sounds as he rounded the corner of the street heading to our house.

I remember just the other day how every time I would come over to your house and Bandit would hear my voice he would pick up his tired little body and come over to me. He would look up at me smiling waiting for me to say - “Hi, Good Boy! How are you today”

God has taken Bandit into his arms. He has taken Bandit’s tired little body and made it so he can run and fly again like he used to in my front yard. He has put a smile on Bandit’s face by lifting all his soreness and stiffness - he has taken away his cloudy eyes and made them clear again so he can find his friends Shadow, Emma and Mr. Bunny. Bandit is running in tall grass, through clear streams - running with his friends - he is feeling joyful with his newness in God’s hands.

We miss ou dear little friend - he made us all smile. He gave us many years and then hung in there a little longer. My love and hugs are with you all today as you work through this sadness. When you’re able go through your photo’s - and look for all those special moments with that crazy little dog Bandit and smile again.
Grandma (mom)


Lisa said...

Oh, Julie! I am so sorry about Bandit. It is so heart breaking to lose your pet. I actually did not even want to get a dog because I didn't think that I could go through that heartbreak. I am so, so sorry!

The letter that your mom wrote was beautiful. And Bandit IS running and jumping right now. He knows that you love him. And he is so thankful that he had such a wonderful family to live his life with.
Love, Lisa

Chris said...

I am so sorry to hear about Bandit. What a lucky little dog to have been in your Family.

2 weeks ago, I lost my sweet Emma. I know too well, how difficult it can be to lose a pet.

My thoughts are with you.