Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Overwhelmed With Joy

I was baptized in Nov. of 2008. Even though at the time, I was fully aware of my decision, I had no idea of the joy and blessings that accepting Jesus as my saviour would bring. I am so filled with happiness, filled with the feeling of love and filled with a sense of purpose... more so than ever before in my life. This is not something that I can explain... it's just something that is inside of me. Based on my studies, I'm pretty sure it's the Holy Spirit at work :) Never before has a tree looked so beautiful and intricate. Never before has an apple tasted so sweet and looked so artfully made. Even a glass of water tastes better than ever before. Realizing that God has put this all on Earth out of his love for me overwhelms me at times. God's creations continue to inspire me... I am in awe.

(the photo is of a moth that Amelia spotted during a walk in the woods)


BdoodleZ said...

That's a moth! How incredible... what could be a better reminder of God as creator than that!

Lisa said...

That moth is so awesome! WOW!