Sunday, August 23, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Hi! I've been away for awhile... my laptop broke, my Etsy shop was closed (temporarily!), I've started a new full-time job, I will be starting a new part time job at my church and we got a puppy! School starts for Amelia this coming week. Life has been busy and new. I haven't touched my jewelry for months... but starting to get in the swing of things.
Going forward, my blog will include new jewerly, thoughts about God and my growing relationship, news on our puppy Ruthie and updates about my family and friends.

My store is opened with a few items that may look familiar, but there will be new items to come.

This blog will be about Ruthie, our new pup. We adopted her on 7/4/09 all the way from Delaware OH. She's a Cattle Dog Beagle mix. She's adorable, but really a handful!

The first hug 7/4/09

First run in the yard

she's dreaming

sleepy pup

What's out the window?


Laura L. said...

Welcome back! :)

Lisa said...

OH my gosh! Ruthie is so cute!! What are you going to be doing at your church? I'll say that you have been a busy girl. Glad that you shop is open again. I've missed looking at your lovely jewelry!

Deena said...

You're back!! What great news! Your life is crazy and wonderful and you will get a handle on it soon enough! xoxoxo...d

Chris said...

Wow! you have been busy! Ruthie looks so adorable as does Amelia of course. Great that you are back, I missed you!
All the best to you

Jennifer said...

So glad to see you back.

I'm not a religious person, but always enjoy reading about others' spiritual journeys.

Ruthie looks like trouble. Very cute trouble :-)