Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fashion Tip Tuesday ... Dress Your Wrists

Three-quarter sleeves... short sleeves... I can see my arms again! They exist! :) They are looking kind of bare though. Hmmm... I know! Bracelets! That's what's missing!

OK, honestly, I am wearing long sleeves today. It's still kind of COLD here in Chardon, OH... but I thought about wearing short sleeves and I thought about bracelets! Over the years of my jewelry making I've come to the point where if I don't have a necklace on it feels similar to not wearing a bra. I feel like something is missing! I've come to that point with bracelets. Whenever I can actually see my wrists, I feel odd without something on them. I've become an addict. I'll admit it.

Anyway.... today's tip is consider bracelets to go with your short sleeve outfits. Here's a link to the bracelets in my store as of today. I'll be adding more and more and more throughout the weeks to come! Bracelet Link


Gillian Gauthier said...

I LOVE your work!!! Your pieces are amazingly beautiful ... keep up the great work!


Chris said...

Wow Julie! This is so beautiful. Great job on everything. I can't wait to get a new piece.
Talk to you soon