Monday, April 7, 2008

Fashion Tip Tuesday - Personal Jeweler

Today's fashion tip is..... consider obtaining a personal jeweler, like me! :) The movie stars do it, right? Are you out there buying spring and summer clothes? Do you need the perfect unique accessory that you won't see on anyone else in your neighborhood? If you answered yes, to either of those questions then you are in need of a personal jeweler.
Seriously... as funny as I am always trying to be, I've made many things for my customers in the past. Some I've dreamed up and some they've dreamed up. Either way, I love doing it. Sooooo... if there's ever anything that you're looking for and you don't see it in my store quite the way you imagined it, please get in touch! You can contact me through the contact link in Etsy or at directly at
The earrings pictured are called glitter heart. Read all about it and buy them here

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