Thursday, April 10, 2008

Favorite Things

Look at this grater! There is this great place... it's a co-op where people sell their cool finds. My husband, the true shopper of the family, LOVES to go there every once in awhile. I like it to, but I get nervous going since my will power isn't the greatest. Last time we went there, I did pretty good. I only spent $2 (plus tax) on this cute grater! I don't use it (I don't even eat cheese!), but I fell in love with her. It didn't hurt that she was made in Paris, France. :) Anyway... thought I'd share a photo of her since she's so darn cute!

Speaking of cute... check out my favorite things bracelet (coincidence I promise!).


Lisa said...

How cute is that!!!
Where is this co-op...I need to go!

Julie said...

Here ...

It's hit or miss... kind of like Marshalls :) It's always fun though! Sometimes there is a band playing in the cafe!